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The name derives from ancient German and means "free". He is the patron saint of Italy, but also of animals, merchants and “lupetti” of the Agesci. He is loved in the East and West and his name, Francesco, is among the most widespread in Italy and in Europe. Pope Gregory IX canonized him on July 16, 1228, only two years after his death. For this reason, the process of canonization was one of t

Its name, from Latin, means "transparent, illustrious" and has the lily as its emblem. The main church dedicated to Chiara is the Basilica of Santa Chiara in Assisi, where her remains are preserved. Seven years after the gesture of St. Francis stripped of his clothes, Chiara, belonging to the noble family of the Offreducci, joined him at the Porziuncola where he wore the Franciscan habit and later

The Church of San Pietro is located in the square of the same name, on the edge of the historic center of Assisi. Perhaps less known than the Basilicas of San Francesco and Santa Chiara, this place of worship was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000 along with other Franciscan sites. The particular façade, the beauty of the interior with its spiritual atmosphere and its Ben

In 1216, in a vision, Francis obtained from the same Jesus the Indulgence known as "Indulgenza della Porziuncola" or "Forgiveness of Assisi", approved by Pope Honorius III. At the <a href="http: (general meetings), to discuss the Rule, to rediscover fervor and to start again to announce the Gospel throughout the world.

The Basilica of imposing size (it is the seventh in order of size among the Christian churches) was however necessary to be able to welcome the masses of pilgrims visiting the Porziuncola, the Chapel of St. Mary of the Angels, which St. Francis received as a gift from the Benedictines of Subasio and that became the nucleus of the first convent. Pope Pius IV had the construction started in 1569, ba

In this rural oratory, just outside the town walls, in the summer of 1205 AD St. Francis heard the Crucifix urging him to restore the Church; in the cave under the building, the Saint hid from his father who hindered his monastic choice.

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